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gas dryer flame not staying lit

Check if the igniter is glowing and shuts off but there is no flame. Answer Save. Watch our gas dryer won't heat up troubleshooting video for help getting the burner fixed. I have a Samsung gas dryer Model # DV328AGW/AAW The dryer has been in service for about 18 months. clcprodigy. So, the thermocouple doesn’t activate. My dryer is experiencing the same symtoms as many folks have already written in. It has been kept clean and all the wire connections are intact and secure. I have checked the air switch and it seems to work. Favorite Answer. Author Topic: LG gas dryer flame won't stay lit. I did get to run for 1 hour after a difficult start. 8 Answers. Additional failures in a gas dryer not heating up could be bad gas valve coils, a failed igniter or a faulty flame sensor. Only stays on for a few seconds every minute and a half. u/snyderbr. After a certain period of time it will light again and repeat. VIP Member; Member Since: Jun 2010 ; Posts: 5; Kenmore gas dryer will not stay hot « on: June 24, 2010, 09:08:10 PM » My Kenmore dryer will start, light, tumble, but flame will go out after a minute or so and will not come back on. Hi I have a Whirlpool LGR4634JQ0. Located on top of the burner assembly are 2 small electronic Coils that control the burner valve ( Part # 58804B ) One has failed only allowing your burner to light and stay lit until it heats up and shuts down. The gas valve then opens and gas flows to the pilot burner. An operational pilot light in your furnace means safety from the possibility of a gas leak. 5. Apart from your pilot being lit, the flame must stay a steady blue. Sometimes this part gets clogged. Reply. Maintenance or troubleshooting should only be performed by adults familiar with operating large gas appliances. After taking the lower panel off, I could see the igniter getting hot and the flame would then ignite. 1 decade ago. It will not stay lit and run. There are a few reasons why the flame will not stay on. Gas Valve. Replaced the coils/ solenoids as well as the high low thermostat. It should also be touching the surrounding sensors such as the thermocouple and thermopile. When I start it it will ignite. 3. By intakhab Repairing 0 Comments. My gas dryer pilot light wont stay lit? Thanks for your help! I replaced the Orifice from LP to NG, (yes correct Orifice used; part number 234826). The unit worked for approximately a week! Now I can't! The pilot light in your gas furnace supplies heat to your home. Anonymous. Its an older Kenmore dryer. When the flame switch is cool, it is closed, allowing electricity to energize the dryer’s igniter. Maytag clothes dryer flame won't stay lit? If the flame sensor isn’t working, the dryer won’t heat. I have already replaced the coils with no difference. The more I test it the shorter the time it stays on. VIP Member; Member Since: Sep 2009; Posts: 5; LG gas dryer flame won't stay lit. This pilot light may not always stay lit, due to a variety of issues that may affect the gas supply or ignitor. The dryer has worked flawlessly until now. Needless to say, no gas would reach the burner if the valve fails to open. It will light at low fan speed and go out at full speed. 1 decade ago. Now my 110.72932100 Kenmore Gas Dryer's flame keeps shutting off after approx 30 seconds. The flame sensor tells the furnace that the pilot is lit. Archived. Reply Delete. Posted by 6 months ago. I have an amana model plg8409w2 gas dryer. Favorite Answer. If the color of the flame turns yellow or red, it’s a sign of gas contamination. Jan 31, 2015 #1 Model Number MDG6200AWW Brand Maytag Age 6-10 years My dryer's timer first started not moving in the more dry spot in the auto dry regular cycle but worked in the rest … Gas Dryer Flame Switch: The flame switch (also called the window sensor) is used in gas dryers to guarantee that the igniter is hot enough to ignite gas once it is released from the valve. If the pilot light will not stay lit, it needs to be fixed ASAP to supply heat to your home and for safety reasons.There are numerous things that may make the pilot light on your furnace to not stay lit. Bad Gas Valve. The patio heater will not stay lit. Anonymous. Unknown October 31, 2016 at 12:09 PM. Flame won't stay lit. Thread starter tseibring; Start date Jan 31, 2015; T. tseibring Premium Member . Checked Thermal Fuse, Thermostat, & flame sensors; all good for continuity. LG gas dryer flame won’t stay lit. FIXED Maytag Gas Dryer Burner won't stay lit. Close. What is the problem? The purpose of the gas valve is to regulate the gas flow that goes to the burner of the furnace. HELP! Could it possibly be the flame sensor? Posted by. Probably the most common issue when dealing with a furnace that will not stay lit or ignite consistently is a dirty flame sensor. Take a look at the valve and assess its quality. I posted a question on the Appliance Pros forum and quickly received responses saying that the problem was likely the flame sensor. Troubleshooting this issue may be helpful in determining the source of the problem and helping users identify a potential resolution. Ignitor glows, gas flows, flame runs for about 2 min and shuts itself off. I have a Kenmore Elite gas dryer (model #11074954300) and it recently stopped heating up. Answer Save. I bought it used and can't get the flame to stay lit.. The flame burns for about 5 seconds and then goes out. Amana gas dryer won't stay lit. Or could it be something else? A natural gas blue flame indicates that the burner is providing the correct air-fuel mixture, with sufficient oxygen for complete combustion at the burner. Once the pilot lights, you should keep depressing the gas valve for at least 10 seconds to give the thermocouple time to warm up. Since it's over 25 years old, it doesn't owe me a thing. It will light for 10 to 30 seconds then go out. When this happens the pilot flame stops burning strongly. SOLVED. The flame sensor acts as a communication vehicle with the circuit board and tells it when a flame is lit inside the furnace. The gas fires and an impressive blue flame is produced . Flame never returns. If interrupted, it usually doesn't re-light. Air flow seems good, gas valve coils were just replaced. 5 Answers. 1 – Faulty Gas Valve Solenoid Coils These open the gas valves and let gas flow into the burner. Burner Bar Flame. Do I need to replace the gas burner valve assembly? Kenmore Gas Dryer - flame won't stay lit. I have a Sears Kenmore 80 Series Gas Dryer (Model 110.72822101) that dries only when it feels like it. The igniter glows for a minute, the gas is ignited, then the flame goes out before the temperature of the dryer reaches 125 degrees or more. 3 years ago. The thermocouple is a metal “pipe” filled with gas that expands when the burner is lit from the heat of the burner flame. When the sensor gets rusty or dirty, it cannot properly detect the flame and causes the furnace to malfunction. The tip of the thermocouple should always be in the flame of the burner allowing it to heat up. I ordered a flame sensor from Appliance Pros and it was delivered in less than 36 hours. Only stays on for a few seconds every minute and a half. Another issue could be the burners are dirty. 4. Direct ignition furnaces do not have a pilot light. Have done troubleshooting on all thermo and fuses, had all electronics on meter. Igniter works, and lights gas - flame starts then goes out. Dryer Symptoms: Dryer won’t heat, or dryer is not hot enough. Dryer Flame kicking off and on. On a gas dryer, the flame sensor detects the heat emitted by the flame. Like before, check your gas, it may have run out while cooking. SOLVED. 3. The burner-bar flame burns throughout the drying process, cycling on and off to keep the dryer at its preset temperature. Drum continues to turn, but no cycling of igniter. The ignitor keeps glowing, but does not light the pilot. This part is so thin that you can compare it with human hair. The igniter is a heating element much like the filament in a light bulb, it glows hot. There are a number of parts that can fail to cause your Dryer not to heat properly but the most common is your Coils. Any suggestions? • Warrenville, IL • July 17, 2014. Relevance. Three is the main gas valve. One is the flame igniter, Two is the low flame pilot coil. Why Won’t My Gas Burners Stay Lit? Method 4: Patio Heater Orifice Cleaning. 5 years ago. We set up the dryer to run and although it is noisy listen for a click as the drum gets to speed, this turns on the igniter. Your pilot should be about 90 percent blue, with very little yellow. The gas dryer has three steps to get heat and stay going. The ignitor glows orange. Recently we converted from LP to NG. If you have ever experienced this problem, you know it’s a big one. Be sure to clean all the ductwork thoroughly. Gas Dryer Not Heating ? Not having a natural gas blue flame color or an LPG (propane) blue flame color, and having yellow or red flames instead, could be indicative of an appliance problem. Gas Dryer will not stay lit. October 20, 2020. 0 0. I have replaced the coils, but still does not re-light. Author Topic: Kenmore gas dryer will not stay hot (Read 20215 times) kim100. A gas dryer has many parts that can be defective and prevent the gas dryer from overheating. The ignitor then produces heat to ignite a gas flame inside the burner assembly. The Fix: Pilot Light to Gas Fireplace Won’t Stay Lit. The dryer pilot light stays on for 5 minutes, and then goes out. It's very rare that the gas valve goes bad, but it can happen. The answer is available at Gas Dryer Not Heating | Solution. There is nothing worse than putting food on the grill to come back and find it cold five minutes later. 2. 1. A couple of minutes later the igniter will come on but the flame won't ignite. 1. Appliance: Model MAYTAG GAS DRYER My Repair & Advice. Tom J. All sensors check out with multimeter. Tag: gas dryer flame not staying lit. LG gas dryer flame won’t stay lit. This is almost always an indication of a restricted air vent system in either the vent leading to the outside or within the dryer. Replaced vent hose from … Archived. by Wayne Pieroni (Brea, CA) My Maytag dryer, Model MDG5500AWW, was staying lit for 10 seconds and kicking off for 20 seconds, then repeating that cycle causing extended drying time. this still causes extended drying time. Gas Dryer Not Heating. The flame comes on but goes out after 30 seconds or so, maybe a little longer if the dryer has been off for a while. Gas Dryer Not Heating | Solution . 1/ Check that all the burner caps are located correctly, if they are partially misaligned or crooked the flame may not correctly connect with the flame sensor preventing it from keeping the gas tap open. Flame lights for 5-10 seconds, then goes out. An electric current flows through a gas dryer’s ignitor. Relevance. An electronic spark ignites the pilot light. I have a Whirlpool Gas Dryer. « on: September 28, 2009, 04:10:39 PM » I've had this LG DLG3788W dryer 2 years: it stopped heating. Before checking the flame sensor, first make sure that the igniter and thermal fuse are not at fault. To determine if the flame sensor is defective, use a multimeter to test the sensor for continuity at room temperature. Gas dryer flame would not stay lit. Joined Aug 18, 2011 Messages 120 Location Sheldon, Illinois, United States. After a couple of minutes the flame goes out. In an electric dryer, a tripped circuit breaker can prevent the dryer from heating even though the motor runs. Many gas-fed heating appliances such as ovens and water heaters make use of a pilot flame to ignite the main gas … Remember when testing components or replacing parts in your gas dryer, always be sure the dryer is unplugged and there is no chance of gas leaking by turning off the gas valve. Lv 6. (Read 40805 times) the mad scientis. Replies. The thermocouple is usually at fault when the pilot on a propane fire pit or outdoor fireplace won't stay lit -- provided you're not using the fire pit outdoors on a windy day. In turn, this lets the gas valve know that there is a flame and that the gas tap should stay open. Close. Maytag dryer MGDC400VW0 will not stay Lit. Try an air compressor to blow out the jets or clean the burner with soap and water. Help! This will let your heater gas travel easier and as a result, your flame will stay lit. Dryer won't stay hot. Kenmore Gas Dryer - flame won't stay lit. I cleaned out the vent line and now it is lit for 60 seconds and off for 60 seconds and repeats this cycle. However, I think it's probably something simple to fix. Problem is the bruner won't stay lit. You’ll know when the gas flow is bad because you won’t get a blue flame. LG TROMM DL5988S. The gas valve opens so gas can flow to the main burner(s) and be lit by the pilot light. The gas flame will ignite, but the flame will not stay lit once the igniter is released.

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